50 years strong: Hip-Hop from the physical, metaphysical, philosophical, and spiritual realms

amsterdamnews.com – In the song “Rappers R N Dainja,” the Blastmaster KRS One stated back in the 9 Cinco that he will expand your consciousness and dismiss foolishness. Why? Because in the atomic structure of Hip-Hop, he declared, “I AM THE NUCLEUS.” Creeping up on 30 years since the release of that album, KRS, because of his willingness to defend the pillars of Hip-Hop from the physical, metaphysical, philosophical, and spiritual realms, it still firmly occupies that spot. With the world buzzing about the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, KRS-One went back to the future and returned to the essence of the birthplace of energy, to the Community Center (1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx). Launching Birthplaceofhiphop.nyc, KRS-One will lead a series of community-based programs, including a masterclass in Hip-Hop. The classes and popup exhibits will showcase and celebrate not only how Hip-Hop began but also its soul and current expressions. The story began during the summer of 1973 as a back-to-school fundraiser at the Community Center for an affordable housing building. Now, 50 years after its humble beginnings, this spirit is thriving worldwide and has been expressed in word, music, dance, and a variety of art forms. Hip-Hop stands alone as a movement in the sheer scope of its influence.

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