HipHop History Presents:

Kool Herc

The "Merry-Go-Round" technique

Check out the story of DJ Kool Herc who introduced The Bronx to the very first use of dual turn tables while playing hard-edged funk music instead of disco. Herc then introduced the “Merry-Go-Round” which involved mixing instrumental breaks, rather than full songs, creating a continuous dance rhythm. 

This unique custom-made double turntable was built by Edward P. Casey of the Bronx in 1955

Six times older than the Pyramids in Egypt, and eight times older than Stone Hedge in Britain, stencilled human hands were found in 1905 in Toulouse France dating back some 30,000 years. Recent discoveries in the South African cave Blombos suggest that drawings with an abstract meaning developed at that site between one hundred thousand years ago and seventy-thousand years ago. From the seventy-thousand year-old rock art of Australia to the sixty-five thousand-year old geometric carvings found on fragments of ostrich eggshells in the South African rock shelter at Die Kloof, what we call “Graffiti” today is more ancient than any other graphic art in human history. Scientists still call these ancient writings graffiti