Senator Schumer and KRS-One honor the birthplace of hip-hop for its 50th anniversary

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and rapper KRS-One are reflecting on their efforts to preserve the birthplace of hip-hop as the art form celebrates its 50th anniversary.

“Hip-hop culture has transcended language, race, and age,” the Senate majority leader said in an exclusive statement obtained by theGrio, “in addition to geographic and socioeconomic barriers.”

The Brooklyn native said, “It is a uniquely American art form that has become a global cultural movement.”

“As a proud New Yorker, I was honored to be able to work with hip-hop giants and advocates like KRS-One and DJ Kool Herc, to ensure the birthplace, 1520 Sedgwick Ave, was preserved and celebrated,” said Schumer.

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