Take The Hip Hop Kultural Specialist course

Peace, and I thank you for your interest in this authentic Hip Hop Kultural Specialist course. I am KRS-One, and I will be teaching this course.

As you may already know, Monday, May 8th to Friday, May 12th 2023, I will be teaching a series of Hip Hop Kultural Specialist courses at The 1520 Community Center located at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. Our Hip Hop Kultural Specialist courses are designed to train 1520’s exhibit teachers, its curators and its hosts to answer any questions relating to the 1520 Community Center exhibit while guiding our visitors through the exhibit itself opening August 11th 2023.

Courses are tuition-based, but thanks to a grant provided by Morgan Stanley and Small Axe Entertainment, we are also able to provide scholarships to the young people in the area, as well as to other “qualified” applicants. Courses begin at four hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($499.00) for a five-day course, Monday through Friday for three hours per day. Morning and evening courses are available. The morning course time is 11am-2pm, afternoon course time is 3pm-6pm and the evening course time is 7-10. “Active” apprentices of the Temple of Hip Hop get a 50% discount on their tuitionmaking their tuition costs two hundred and forty-nine dollars ($249.00). After completing our Hip Hop Kultural Specialist course application, please send your full tuition payment to Hiphoppreservation@gmail.com via PayPal. Upon receiving your tuition payment and application you will receive an email confirming your admission.

Course Outline:

Here, we open our Hip Hop Kultural Specialists course with the need for Hip Hop’s authentic teachers to express their cultural unity through a shared culturally coded language. Of course, every teacher has a unique style and way of approaching Hip Hop and how they teach it. Such is expected. But we have learned now that this individualistic approach to the teaching of Hip Hop is why so many of our teachers are not as empowered as they should be in their

Here, we go over the history of the 1520 Sedgwick Avenue building complex, and what it took to preserve it and make it into the “Historical Landmark” that it has become.

On our third day, we will review the well-known standards of museology and exhibitry.We will also learn not only about the importance of Unions and how The 1520 Community Center exhibit will set the standards as to how Hip Hop museum workers should be treated, but we will also learn about the various ways to engage and include the community around us.

Aswe approach the end of theweek,we begin to learn the differentways to explain the artwork and the displays of our exhibit. Obviously, all of our exhibit pieces will not be available to us inMay. But we do have enough items to effectively teach our unique style of exhibitry. The point is to learn the techniques of art explanation which can then be applied to any of our exhibit pieces.

Finally, our course concludes first with a review of what was learned, and then how admissions and ticket prices are established. Here, we will also discuss security and how to move our visitors through the exhibit without disrupting the lives of the tenants living in the building.

At the conclusion of the course, qualified students will receive their Hip Hop Kultural Specialists certification. We only have space for 30 students, so if you are interested in beginning the process of becoming an actual Hip Hop Kultural Specialist capable of explaining Hip Hop culturally as well as The 1520 Community Center’s history accurately, please complete the following application. Thanks, and I’ll see you soon.

Teacha Krs-One
Acronologist G. Simone
Minista Sun-One